Our Promise to Referring Organisations

As law firm, we offer the IDR Service Pledge to those clients that we act for. We also though make promises to the organisations that refer their clients to us :

  • We will respond to you (or if you prefer, to your clients) as soon as you contact us
  • We will have a “no obligation” initial look at, and discussion about, each case that you refer to us
  • We will not hesitate to tell your client if we do not believe there are good prospects of success
  • If we take a case on, your client will benefit in every instance from the IDR Service Pledge which is designed to ensure that we deliver a great service – every lawyer, every time
  • If we are authorised to do so by your client, we will keep you updated as to progress in their case
  • As mentioned above, we absolutely will not try to generate any further work for our firm from your clients

Why not join the IDR Law Network now?

If you agree with the following terms, why not join the IDR Network now by registering below :

  • Membership is free
  • You can leave the Network whenever you want – just let us know
  • In acting for any client that you refer to us, we will adhere to all professional rules and regulations applicable to SRA-regulated law firms

To join the Network, just register here – we just need your simple contact details and your GDPR permissions. It should take you less than a minute to complete

What our existing refers say about us: