The IDR Law Network Service Pledge

We have a fantastic track record of providing excellent client service and seek client feedback wherever possible. After a period of research and discussion – internal and external – we have created our Service Pledge: a set of behaviours that we strive to deliver to every client, every case.

We understand the highly emotive nature of disputes following a death. That said, there are some very basic requests we make of you, our clients, to ensure that we are able to meet our Service Pledge to you. These requests are set out below:

We look forward to making a difference and helping you deal with the dispute that you are facing in a manner that makes this easier for you not harder. Our goal is to ensure you have an experience that one of our clients recently summed up as follows –

“I just feel I’ve got to tell you how impressed I am with your company in the way you’ve dealt with all of this. I really appreciate the fast turnaround from ringing up with my enquiry, to booking and speaking to a solicitor in your team on the phone and I’m really grateful for the help you have given me.”

We aim to hit those levels of service, every client, every case.

Best wishes
All at IDR Law